Genova La Superba

Genoa Italy


Overlooking the Ligurian Sea, its history is tied to seafaring and trade. It is known, among other things for being the birthplace of Cristoforo Colombo, Giuseppe Mazzini and Goffredo Mameli. Its port is the largest in Italy.

The ‘physical symbol’ of the city is its lighthouse, located on the border between the districts of San Teodoro and Sampierdarena. the rocky spur which closed at sea disappearance hill of San Benigno and known as ‘The Lantern’, which is traditionally represented by the Cross of St. George, flanked on either sideby two griffins. For more than eight centuries the capital dell'omonimarepubblica, Genoa has been cited with such names as La Superba, The Dominant, The Ruling of marie and The Republic of the Magnificent.

It was formerly Expo '92, the controversial G8 summit of 2001 and in 2004 was the European Capital of Culture. In its historic centre numerous palaces such as Palazzi dei Rolli have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Genoa is home to some of the most beautiful palaces in Europe – real authentic treasures, some of which are still private residences.
Banco di San Giorgio, located in Palazzo San Giorgio, is the oldest bank in the world. The story has it that Napoleone Bonaparte sacked the bank several times and later established the Bank of France.

Today, while keeping alive its industrial tradition, it is an established tourist, cultural, scientific, musical and university city. The Ligurian capital is also well known in the fields of scientific research and technology with well-known centres of excellence in publishing, telecommunications and sports (Genoa gave birth to Genoa FC, which is the oldest Italian football team) and which still exists today. Sampdoria and is an important site for the practice of rugby, hockey, swimming, water polo, rowing and other sports.





Genoa historical centre and Aquarium are easily accessible from our farm.

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You are able to reach Genoa using ‘AMT’ public transport services. To reach the city centre you can use the 516 bus (direction Nervi).
The number 17 bus also goes to the centre. The city centre is 20 minutes far (by bus), depending on the traffic.


It is also possible to reach the aquarium by car. There is ample parking on site.

Camogli, Monte di Portofino, Le 5 Terre



Our farm is positioned magnificently, at the beginning of the boundary of Genoa and, at the same time, close to Portofino. Every morning during spring, summer and autumn, a boat departs from the nearby port of Nervi and goes directly to:



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It is also possible to reach these destinations (other than S. Fruttuoso which is only accesible by boat or on foot) by train from the station in Nervi, which is nearby. You can also reach these destinations via car and we will be more than happy to provide information to enable you to do so in the smoothest way possible.